Monday, December 31, 2007

The emails are getting lesser and lesser. The words are getting much shorter. Till in the very end , it becomes none. is that the price we have to pay when our bestfriend having a bestfriend?

Those words stabbed into my heart. Very painfull. As if in an angry words and emotion, this friend of mine says :

How dare you left me alone?
Where are you when I am in need?
Have you forgotten our cherish moments as bestfriends?
Have you think of me all this while you left me behind?
Can you at least sms or give me a call or email me motivating phrase?
Can you at least ask and eager to know my physical and emotional condition?
Am I happy and live happily everyday, am I…am I…
I disappointed with you!
How dare you?

I’m sorry to her. Not that I forgot her, but sometimes my own mistake, fail to organize time, financial and self-management in new world after graduating. A world of maturing me as a muslim woman. Hopefully she knows how much I miss her.


moneirah said...

assalamualaikum. mar, everything always happen for the best. there's always 'silver lining' or 'hikmah' for everything that had happened.But no mistake is sin unless you refuse to correct it. I hope so because I think so. God is a great teacher, you know, He made us learn till our last breath. Come on, wake up and be a better person. you cannot go back to the past times but you can make present a gift to you beloved friend.
Whatever people say, thanks for being a good friend to me.
'Kak Moneirah'

Shamsiah Mahli said...